ZAMIEĆ 24h na Skrzyczne
ZAMIEĆ 24h na Skrzyczne

Registration for  ZADYCHA, ZADYMA & ZAMIEĆ 2018

open from 3th November 2017 o godz.19.19

till 14th January 2018 




During the Registration please choose the Race:


ZAMIEĆ: Indywidual, Team Mix, Team Women/Women (KK), Team Man/Man (MM)


INDYWIDUAL - start 1 person in ZAMIEC

TEAM - start in ZAMIEC in team

KK - Women, MM - Men, MIX: Women+Man

Put the Name of Team - the same for both starting person in one Team 

ZADYMA - start in Anglo-Saxon mountain race of 13,5km

ZADYCHA - Skitouring Vertical Race of 4,5km on ski slope


Before Registration please read the RACE RULES


Starting fee is payable via bank transfer to following account:

IBAN number: PL97 2490 1044 0000 4200 2100 1209

or via T-Pay integrated with our registration form


Payment description: name of the race, First Name, Surname

e.g. ZAMIEĆ  James Bond


In case of questions, please write: 

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